Fun With Monsters


Want to see the Monsters in Action !? careful what you wish for! Loua Dafdouf, a Tunisian-born illustrator, uses primarily ink, fineliners, and markers to depict her monochromatic world with a minimal amount of color. She views her artwork as a personal hobby that grew into a brand after being acknowledged and embraced by numerous designers, artists, and online art communities.
After earning her first professional Master's degree in interior architecture in 2017, Loua set out to pursue her additional goals, which include working as an interior designer, collaborating with other artists, and earning a second Master's degree.
As a self-employed designer and artist, Loua established her own personal brand, "FUN WITH MONSTERS," which she registered as a business in 2019. The brand is currently growing and getting more client trust.
The release and popularity of "FUN WITH MONSTERS" in the world of art gave her the confidence to seek out the ideal product and market it to the world while creating artwork and refining numerous items for the customer.
"FUN WITH MONSTERS" is a brand that offers a wide range of one-of-a-kind and customized products based on a sizable artbook of illustrations by Loua Dafdouf, From clothing to desk supplies, all in a very sizable catalog that is available exclusively to you.

Oumayma Dafdouf

Community manager of the brand "Fun With Monsters"
Marketing Director

Loua Dafdouf

Founder of the brand "Fun With Monsters"
Interior Designer
Doodle Artist
Graphic Designer